Show newer instance down?
I assume this is something to do with the ongoing dispute/transition to privacy guides. Goodbye personal account :/ A good reason to run your own instance.

Listening to dog breeders talk about dogs like their eugenic playthings while still pretending they care about their well-being is a weird experience.

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food (vegan) 

Posted 18 photos: Inspired by a picture on twitter, I made artistic focaccia. It was very oily, but otherwise good, with big bubbles inside from rising overnight.

Also featured: doughnuts; lasagne; lentil loaf with fried potatoes and mushroom gravy; mushrooms and homegrown beet greens and cashews spaghetti; courgette brownie. #food #vegan

The Shure SE215 are by far the best running headphones I have ever used. They fit so much better than any other headphones I have tried, both wired and wireless, and sound amazing.

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We have been warned that a free version of #Fedilab has been published on GPlay.

We don't own it and we didn't build that version. If you want to use the app for free, you should only download it from #Fdroid which builds apps from sources.

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Living Green Vegan Markets – Sunday 4th April, 2021
When: 10am-3pm, Sunday 4th April 2021

A fun day of stalls, music and delicious plant-based food and drink for everyone.



Protip: When setting up Mastodon to use make sure you add both the servers ipv4 and ipv6 addresses to the allowed senders. Otherwise you just get a very generic EOF error from the mailer process. Doh! 😭
I had to write a short ruby script to test in order to actually identify the error coming from back from the SMTP server.
Mail is working now and people can actually sign up properly. Success! ✔️

Jane Goodall has new cookbook to try to spread the message to those who are interested in reducing their impact.

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I'm looking for someone to take ownership of this instance. Please let me know if you're interested. It is currently hosted at with a monthly cost of 7€ (but you are free to move the instance to your own server or wherever you want). The domain name costs about 17€ a year and is paid for until March 2022. If no one expresses interest by April 10th, I will have to close it down (more info on the exact date by then). Sorry to let you down.

Hey everyone. Welcome to the Mastodon. If you have any issues then please feel free to DM me.

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