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Pigs on a truck to the slaughterhouse.

Retweet if this is one of the most heartbreaking pictures you've ever seen. 💔💔

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Before & after being adopted! 🐶

It hurts my heart that people who buy from breeders mean well, but don't take the minute to think about how they're denying a loving home to an animal in a shelter.

There are more than enough animals in need that you NEVER need to breed/buy! 🧡

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ANALYSIS: If the rest of the world took the same level of action as Australia's political parties, the LNP would bring us 3-4˚C of warming, Labor 2˚C, Teal Independents 1.5˚C (upper band) & the Greens comfortably within 1.5˚C. bit.ly/CA_Ausvotes22

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The ACT Legislative Assembly has today passed reforms to sexual consent laws in the ACT, ensuring that consent to sexual activity must be actively and affirmatively communicated.

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@JulieS604 @gutman_sarah We are becoming a 3rd world country relative to Canada in so many ways. Every other developed country listens to scientists and has universal healthcare—and abortion rates are lower due to that, paid maternity leave etc. We’ve lost 2 more yrs in LE since 2018

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Lots of people have been asking for our how to vote. Please remember that these are only recommendations, and voters now have full control of your own preferences! But here’s how to vote to replace this most destructive government with one that will care for people & planet.

It's okay. Climate change isn't real everyone. \s
if you want to see some real action on this issue.
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The current extreme in and as seen today, on the fourth intense hot day, by LST (Land Surface Temperature, not Air!). LST collected on April 29 shows max value exceeding 62°C/143°F. Gaps due to cloud/snow/nodata.

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