I'm looking for someone to take ownership of this instance. Please let me know if you're interested. It is currently hosted at with a monthly cost of 7€ (but you are free to move the instance to your own server or wherever you want). The domain name costs about 17€ a year and is paid for until March 2022. If no one expresses interest by April 10th, I will have to close it down (more info on the exact date by then). Sorry to let you down.


@rgggn Nooo! Why do you need to shut it down? As you can see I just stood up an instance for our local Vegan chapter - trying to get more people excited about Mastodon.

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A social media instance for Vegans in Canberra, Australia where you aren't trusting big corporations to respect your privacy and data sovereignty. This mastodon is currently and always will be run by the Vegan ACT community.